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Using different ribbons can affect the style of a Guild Bow table plan A Love Cascade Multi Aperture table plan with ahndamde hearts to coordinate with the wedding colours
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How to Order

We have tried to make ordering your table plan as stress-free as possible. We liaise closely with you guiding you step by step so you can relax knowing everything is being done to ensure you have a beautiful, accurate table plan.

Multi Aperture Wedding Table Plan using the intials of the couple making the table plan truly personal.

Please use the following information to help prepare your order. Our no-obligation 'Online Quote' facility is there for you to get some feedback from us. If you already have all your information and wish to place an order fill in the whole form and we will very quickly be able to get a proof to you.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but we have had several couples come to us wishing they had remembered to put an RSVP 'by' date on their invitation. Phoning round to confirm numbers can, hopefully, be avoided by including this on you invitations. Here are a couple of pieces of advice to you regarding table plans if you have not yet begun the invitation process.

Remember to include an RSVP 'by' date
Keep hold of your original list of guests

As replies come in take the opportunity to clarify the full names and spelling of your guests names, (remember you may have, inadvertently, always misspelt their names even though you've known them for 20 years!) Early clarification of names and spelling will eliminate any last minute worries.

Ordering your table plan - We will need to know the following information ideally four weeks before your wedding or event. We do offer an express service guaranteeing your plan within ten working days of receipt of your final guest list - this service would be at our discretion.

We will need to know:-

Wedding date

Title of the plan - this is usually the Bride and Groom's names (as you wish them to read) or the event title plus the date

The number of tables you are having - please include your 'top table' (if you are having one) in this figure.

The colour of frame you would like - We readily supply fabulous silver, gold or black frames and, for a little extra, a wonderful 'Distressed Ivory' but will happily source a bespoke frame to compliment your chosen theme, colour scheme, venue or event if four weeks notice is given.

Your main colour - By this we mean the colour that runs through your wedding theme. You may want a stylish silver frame but you would like the teal of the Bridesmaids dresses reflected in your stationery - this is your main colour. Swatches of dress material, ribbons, paint colour swatches etc. are all valuable guides for us

Your guest's names - - we require these submitted via our 'Online Quote' form or emailed in 'Word' format or similar. In our experience we would always recommend including surnames as it eliminates confusion for your guests, you and us! Be particularly careful with similar sounding names as there are frequently many spelling variations.
Faxed, posted typed lists or emailed 'image' files will incur an additional fee due to the considerable extra work involved; this will be clarified at an early stage. Regarding a traditional long 'top table', refer to our 'Planning Your Plan' page and select 'Seating' - this will give you all the information you will need if you are unsure of who, traditionally, sits next to who.

It is important at this stage to recommend that you have as much information about your guests, (and their guests,) as possible when we begin to design your plan. Extra long names, unexpected additions, the addition or removal of a table can dramatically affect the sizing and layout of your plan. We will work very closely with you and will always to accommodate changes up to your 'final proof' date.

The Style of Plan - - Please refer to our 'Table Plan Design Page' and choose between our printed, printed and embellished or embellished multi-aperture plan. Examples of each can be viewed on our 'Showcase' page. .

The theme of your table plan - You may see exactly what you want on our 'Showcase' page, you may know precisely the 'feel' or theme you want your plan to have or you may have no idea and value some advice! No two plans are the same, no idea is too unusual or idea too simple. We pride ourselves on producing high quality, beautiful, table plans that truly reflect our clients' needs.

Fonts - Clarity is the key! Your table plan theme may naturally inspire a particular font e.g. Calligraphic, Contemporary, Romantic, and we will always be guided by that but, ultimately, it's crucial that your guests can clearly read your plan. We welcome your input and will always advise.

Table Names or Numbers?

Numbering your tables makes life very simple as some venues will provide table numbers free of charge; it's also easy for us to adapt your design to make beautiful co-ordinating number cards for you.

Table names are a fun way of continuing your wedding or event's theme. We have produced table plans with table names of Scottish Lochs, Cornish beaches, New York Villages to name a few.

Numbering or naming your tables will allow us to design a beautiful, balanced plan and your guests will find it easy to locate their table.

The next step - Once we have as much of the above information as possible we will work on your table plan design. The bespoke nature of the work we do means sometimes we have been required to work with a Client's unique artwork or design. If this were the case we would advise you early on if additional costs might be involved.

We don't mean to make things awkward but we do get increasing numbers of requests to use iconic images and recognizable logos from products and advertising on our plans and we are not able to do this without specific copyright permission from the 'owner' of the image, (the copyright holder). Despite images being readily available on the internet we cannot reproduce imagery without express permission of the copyright holder. If you wish to use an image/s for which you own the copyright then we can advise on the best way to incorporate it/them in your table plan.

- We will email a simple PDF design proof of your plan - This will confirm layout, size and (for the printed options) imagery. As soon as all names are confirmed we will send a final PDF proof showing all names, in their chosen font, for you to check. You will also be given a quote for the style and size of plan you are interested in and any additional stationery quotes you require.

Final Proof (4 weeks before the wedding/event) - Once we have your approval regarding style and design, (email is fine), your plan will be scheduled for assembly three weeks before your wedding or event with despatch two weeks before. At this final proofing stage all aspects of your order and our 'terms and conditions' will be listed in an email. Once you have approved the final design for production and confirmed your order, your bespoke frame and double aperture mount will be ordered. Also, handmade embellishments for your plan and any additional stationery will be made. Therefore, it is at this stage that we require payment in full, thus allowing us to proceed.

All cheques are to be made payable to The Handcrafted Card Company Ltd

Delivery - We always use a 24 hour courier and ask for a signature to confirm delivery has taken place. Please bear this in mind when you give a delivery address. You will be emailed as soon as your plan is dispatched and supplied with a tracking number. Our table plans are packed with great care in specialist, very sturdy boxes. Once despatched, The Handcrafted Card Company accept no responsibility for loss or damage. Postage and Packing is 15 (UK rate)

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