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corporate Table Plans

An elegant seating plan functions on two levels. Firstly it is a professional and practical way to guide your guests to their tables. Secondly it allows you to initiate a little subtle 'networking' which can only be good for business.

We can produce plans that truly reflect your business. Our photographic printed plans can have watermark images of your logos, products, your sponsors or even your staff. The possibilities are endless!
Similarly our plans, printed or multi-aperture, can be embellished with bespoke handmade ornaments that reflect your company and its services.
If a classic plan exuding understated elegance fits the bill - look no further.

Detail of our laser cut race horses in black micro glitter

From the frames to the boards we use, you can be guaranteed that only the best will do, and this is reflected in the wonderful feedback we have received from our clients.

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