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o Check your response cards and make sure everyone is accounted for, including those who responded verbally as well as their spouses and children.

o List the names of couples and their small children in groups, so you can seat the family together.

o If you are keeping to table numbers number the tables in a logical order so they'll be easy to locate.

o Write down each table number (or name), followed by lines equal to the number of seats available at the table. It's usual for a table to seat 8 or 10 guests.

o List the names of the guests to each particular table. If the occasion is less formal directing your guests to a table rather than a specific seat allows for more mingling.

o Arrange for an extra table (or a couple of spare seats) to accommodate those who respond at the last minute.

o Singles can be seated among couples and families.

o Couples should be seated with their spouses or partners.

o Mixing both families helps everyone get to know each other.

o Small children (up to about 7 years old) should sit with their parents. A children's table might include children from ages 7 to 12. Older teenagers should be seated as the other guests not necessarily with their parents.

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