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seating Arrangements

In our experience our clients usually sit between 8 and 12 guests to each table but there is no rule about this. Sometimes long banqueting tables are used that accommodate 40 -50 people.
We will always seriously consider your needs and base our table plan design for you around your plans' need for clarity and practicality.
For the larger event (200 or more guests) we would recommend an alphabetical list of guests names with each name linked to a table name or number.

Most weddings usually have a long rectangular 'top table' for the bridal party but frequently the bridal party now choose to have a similar shaped table to those of their guests so everyone mingles together. This is very much down to personal choice.

Seating Etiquette
For advice on seating your guests please refer to our 'Planning Your Plan' section.

Your grand entrance!

While quite formal it is traditional for the guests to be greeted by the bridal party (the receiving line) as they enter the reception. Traditionally this takes the following format:
1. The Bride's Mother
2. The Groom's Father
3. The Groom's Mother
4. The Bride's Father
5. The Bride
6. The Groom
7. The Chief Bridesmaid
8. The Best Man

As the bridal party enter the room (led by the bride and groom)the guests are asked to stand. If there is a master of ceremonies present then the bride and groom will be announced.

Top Table Seating

The Bridal party traditionally sit at a top table and this usually follows a set format as illustrated below. Should the bride or grooms parents be separated, divorced or have remarried it is still the custom for the natural parents to sit at the top table. Step parents are treated as 'honoured guests' at an honoured guest table which is usually situated near the top table, this table can also seat the ushers and close members of the family.

Your Table Plans

traditional top table seating

Should it be the case that this seating arrangement for the top table is not suitable for your circumstances (there are many different scenarios) then please be reassured we will provide all the guidance you need and will take all your requests on board. It is, of course, your special day!
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